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Thank you for taking the time to complete the Request for Food Recall Plan Templates. By clicking on the link below, you will have full access to the FREE Recall Plan Templates available.

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Food Decision Software has also developed the Food Recall Plan Templates into Excel Worksheets.

Please don't hesitate to tell other Food Distributors or Manufacturers about the FREE Recall Templates. All we ask is that they fill in the request form first.

Food Recall Plan Templates in Excel

What you get:

  • 17 Excel worksheets to use as your own Recall Plan
  • 3 Excel worksheets that help you manage your product movement
  • Worksheets for both Manufacturer’s and Distributor’s
  • Detailed guide on how to use the worksheets provided
  • Ability to sell to Customers that require Product Traceability and a Recall Plan in place
  • Piece of mind that you are ready in the event of a Food Recall  

The Food Recall Plan Templates Excel Worksheets can be acquired for US $500.00 (refer to details above). These Excel Worksheets are the same as the free pfd version that you download from our website, with the added value that they can be changed as you see fit and the product data in these Excel worksheets are linked to various product worksheets (ie. you only enter the product information once).

If you are interested in acquiring the Food Recall Plan Excel Worksheets, send us an email to: or call us at: 905-889-6939 x211 and we will provide you with the details of how to acquire the Food Recall Plan Excel Worksheets.