Repetitive Order Processing

Quickly Fulfill Repeat Orders
Your customers are placing the same orders week to week. They want the ability to do it quickly and without having to repeat the same information. You need to facilitate the ordering process with maximum efficiency.
FDS can help your order processing staff receive Customer Orders quickly and accurately by:

  • Automatically entering the shipping information on the Customers Order
  • Reminding the Customer of their regular purchased products
  • Having the ability to change prices as necessary, if they are authorized
  • Knowing what the Customer previously ordered
  • Having the capability to sell products in multiple pack sizes
  • Automatically totaling the Customers Order including any applicable taxes
  • Knowing what products will be available to ship
  • Knowing if the Customers’ account is overdue

Giving your Order Processing Staff the ability to quickly and accurately receive orders, while providing them the flexibility they need to manage their Customers, makes them more efficient while making your Customers happier.

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“Customers appreciate that we remember what they usually order, and they’re less likely to forget an important item,” Client Since 2000

“Currently, we are processing in excess of two hundred orders a day in a timely and accurate manner. In addition to invoicing, our inventory is more accurate and overhead is down.” Client Since 2001