Order Picking Made Easy

Most warehouses are large facilities where product can be stored in various locations depending on the type of product. Picking an order can be time consuming and costly without having the right information available.
FDS can help manage the order picking process by:

  • Providing the location of products to be picked on the picking slip
  • Indicating that a product is stored in a special location
  • Identifying products that should be picked last
  • Having the ability to pick orders in different ways (batch, route, zone)
  • Not being able to print invoices until all the weighted items are entered into the order
  • Not being able to print an invoice until all the lot controlled items have been assigned
  • Being able to re-print an invoice if necessary
  • Providing the assigned route on the picking slip

Providing the information a picker requires to pick products not only helps them finding the products but makes them more efficient. Having checks to ensure the correct weight and lot numbers are entered into the order before an invoice can be printed ensures accuracy.

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“We undertook a warehouse revitalization project that included the implementation of the WinFDS warehouse management module.  Since completing the project, we have noticed a 300% productivity improvement in picking efficiencies.  We have also improved warehouse space utilization, reduced dead stock, and improved inventory accuracy.” Client Since 1993

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