Delivering Orders

Customers Expect Accurate Orders that are Delivered On Time
Missed orders, hard to find products or poorly organized delivery routes are profit killers. Unlike durable goods, there is little room for error when you have a truck load of frozen/cooled food to be delivered.  For a food distributor, picking, planning and organizing deliveries is an art that must be performed efficiently with accuracy. You need access to well-organized and available information to find products quickly, build a route and deliver an order on time.
Manual processing, multi part forms, duplicate copies and misplaced order sheets are labor intensive, and create the opportunity for errors and omissions. Without having the ability to quickly find an order to make a change, will cost you time and money.
To improve delivery efficiency you need to:

  • Efficiently transfer orders to the warehouse
  • Know where products are located in the warehouse
  • Be able to easily manage routes
  • Know where your drivers are delivering
  • Be able to handle order changes

Make your delivery process run smooth with FDS. Order Fulfillment is all about managing how Customer Orders get picked, and ultimately delivered. Without a smooth process and easy method to transfer orders to the warehouse for picking and correct routing, there will always be the potential for errors in deliveries and ultimately loss of revenue.