Flexible Customer Ordering

Give Your Customers Maximum Ordering Flexibility
Customer retention is achieved when we can provide customers with ordering flexibility to keep them ordering week after week.

FDS can help provide maximum ordering flexibility for your Customers by:

  • Minimizing the time spent when placing an order
  • Reminding the Customer of what they normally purchase
  • Having the capability to offer different pack sizes of products
  • Being able to place Special Orders when requested
  • Providing normal scheduled deliveries and special deliveries as necessary
  • Offering pricing scenarios that will keep you competitive

Giving your Customers the flexibility they need when ordering is why they will order from you week after week.

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“We find the WinFDS Order Entry System to be a great asset to our business. The orders are entered easily and quickly. WinFDS helps us to eliminate many mistakes especially with the ability to handle splits and catch weight items.” Client Since 2000

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