Manufacturing Food

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Food is perishable and does not have the same shelf life as other products. As most food products have an expiration date, knowing when to manufacture a product requires a tighter schedule that the manufacturing of durable goods. Therefore, it's important to have processes in place to make sure the raw materials needed to make the product are available and that the quantity of product being made is adequate to fulfill Customers' orders and will be able to be shipped before its expiration date.
To know when to manufacture a food product you need to:

  • Know what products to manufacture and when
  • Calculate the quantity of raw materials needed to manufacture finished good
  • Know what it costs to make the finished good
  • Track all raw materials that are used in manufacturing the finished good
  • Adjust inventory for raw materials and finished goods

Knowing when to manufacture a food product is an art as you want to make sure you always have enough products to sell but at the same time you do not want to make product that will expire before it can be shipped.