Daily Routing/Manage Deliveries

Managing Daily Routes
Managing routes is a time consuming process that is normally performed by a more senior person in the warehouse. Drivers must wait each day while their routes are assigned and their trucks loaded. Without the ability to easily assign which customer order is going on what route, the senior person spends time each day performing this task. Just as important, are the drivers that are waiting to start their daily route.
FDS can help with your daily routing process by:

  • Automatically providing route and stop information for each Customer Order
  • Providing a list of all customer orders with assigned routes for quick review
  • Having the ability to have stops automatically recalculated
  • Providing a manifest of the messages and applicable information for every stop on each route
  • Having special instructions automatically entered on the Customers Invoice
  • Providing a dispatch report that includes the stops for each route and any special information

Having routes assigned automatically will save your warehouse supervisor valuable time each day. As the warehouse staff will know earlier which route a specific Customer order is assigned to, trucks can be loaded sooner and drivers can start their routes earlier.

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“WinFDS produces a master picking ticket for each truck, combining like items from all the orders being processed. That bit of efficiency saves us between five and ten labor hours every week.” Client Since 2000

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