Inventory Control

Knowing Your Inventory Status
Making sure there are enough products to ship on any given day without having any understock or overstock of inventory requires constant analysis of inventory levels, quantities committed to Customer Orders, and quantities expected to be received to replenish stock. Maintaining just the right amount of inventory is critical to prevent spoilage due to expiry or lost sales due to not having enough products to ship.
With the frequency that products are received and shipped and the inherent issue that most products in a Food Distributors’ inventory have expiration dates, managing the inventory of a Food Distributor or Food Manufacturer is a very important aspect of your daily operations.
To improve inventory efficiency you need to:

  • Be aware of inventory levels in real time
  • Know sales trends of products in your inventory
  • Know when products will be expiring
  • Know when product deliveries are due to arrive

Being able to analyze what should be purchased and the quantity to purchase helps to ensure enough products to ship without overstocking and potentially needing to discard product. Being able to easily determine the inventory value of a specific product or your entire inventory helps with the cash flow of your company.