Eliminating Shorts and Substitutions

Always Have the Inventory You Need On Hand
The accuracy of your inventory is counted on more than any other aspect of your business. Without accurate inventory levels, your order processing staff do not know what they can sell, your buyers do not know what has to be purchased, and your management do not know how much Inventory Investment you really have. This leads to shorts and substitutions and unhappy customers when they don’t get what they want.
FDS can help eliminate shorts and substitutions by:

  • Having accurate perpetual inventory
  • Pre-determining appropriate substitutions if necessary
  • Suggesting appropriate quantities of product to order
  • Being able to better manage your inventory investment
  • Tracing products with expiry dates and lots
  • Having the ability to easily manage special orders

Knowing what you current status is of your inventory will allow you to take steps to ensure there is enough product to ship or be used in manufacturing. Without perpetual inventory capabilities no matter how often physical counts are performed your inventory will never be accurate and therefore always be subject to out of stock and product substitutions.

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“WinFDS has greatly improved our efficiency and information systems, especially in the order processing and inventory control.” Client Since 1999

“We’re now able to track how much we’re buying of each item from each supplier, and that information allows us to negotiate better deals. We simply didn’t have this data before.” Client Since 2000