Customer Ordering

Repeat Orders, Specific Pricing and Fast Access to Inventory
Your customers order the same products every week and they don't want to repeat themselves when ordering or be told you're “out of stock”.
The consistency of both frequency and product mix means Food Distributors need to help their Customers speed up the time it takes to place their order. Because of the repetitiveness of Customer Orders and the number of products normally being ordered, having information to make the time your Customer spends with you as short and painless as possible will ultimately increase your profitability and Customer relationship.
To improve Customer Ordering you need to:

  • Know what the Customer previously purchased
  • Know the specific price of a product for each Customer and the history of what they paid
  • Know the inventory status of the product your Customer is ordering

Customer Order Management is all about managing the repetitive process of receiving orders from your valued Customers. By making it easier for them to place their orders without causing them extra stress, they will be happier and therefore less likely to look someplace else to buy their products.

As it has always been our mandate to help ALL Food Distributors and Manufacturers with their daily operational challenges, we have created a series of worksheets that can be used FREE of charge.

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Although we are confident that these worksheets will help solve many of the daily operational challenges of a Food Distributor or Manufacturer, they cannot replace all the built-in functionality provided by “WinFDS”.