Multiple Price Scenarios

Better Pricing for Customers and Better Margins for You
The Food Industry is price sensitive. When you need to make a price adjustment, you need to know the impact in order to understand profit or loss immediately.

FDS can help keep your prices competitive while managing all your price scenarios by:

  • Predefining Customer specific prices that automatically populate the Customer's Order
  • Adjusting a listed price but being warned if the adjustment is too low
  • Offering the same price to a specified group of Customers
  • Providing future price change capabilities
  • Adding an additional charge (up charge) on multiple pack sizes
  • Managing special prices
  • Automatically calculating cost on multiple pack sizes

Better pricing provides your staff the flexibility they need to manage their Customers, while ensuring you maintain acceptable profit margins.

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“We especially like the options where we can set quote prices for different customers, and to recall order history for information such as last date of purchase, price, and packing at the point of entering the order.” Client Since 1992